What to Expect?

There are usually a few practical questions people have when they think of coming the first time to a church. We will try and address those here but if you still have a question which did not get answered then by all means please fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP

How should I dress?

We usually do not wear suits and we usually do not wear sandals. Please feel free to dress casual in a way that honors God.

What is service like?

Nothing to fear here, we are totally normal. We are a small church so you will not be able to hide, but we are friendly and we know how to give you the space you need. We have a 2 hour service where we sing, pray for each other and study verse by verse though the bible.

What about my children?

We love children, we love them so much we want them with us during church. The best place for a young christian to be is in the company of all the redeemed. We have a crying room for the little ones and hang out area for the restless few. 

What should I bring?

If you have a bible that would be great, beyond that just an open mind and heart to let God speak into you life.

What time does Church start?

We meet from 10:00 til 12:00. We start service at 10:15 ... the first 15 min every one is so excited to see each other they have to catch up, and some families need the extra 15 because life happened that morning.


Please send us some questions to help us become a better church.

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