"Too good to be true"



God had a method put in Place 4,000 years ago to preach the gospel through festivals which may have seemed too good to be true. Sadly many of us who love Jesus have not grasped ahold of this truth. We think communication of Christ takes place best in church, or in a pamphlet that we hand to someone in an impersonal way. We have in many ways removed, like the Pharisees of Jesus day, much of the Joy and Power of the message preached through festivals.

Leviticus 23 consolidates the mandatory festivals in a brilliant way. The micro details of each festival are fascinating, but can easily deter us from studying and loving these "teaching methods" of God.  When one steps back and observes what God was communicating,  it is truly breathtaking. I will give the overview or the MACRO picture.


Sprint feast - 1st Coming of Jesus


1. Passover - Salvation

2. Unleavened Bread - Removal of sin

3. Firstfruits - Ressurection / New Life

4. Pentecost - Baptism of the Holy Spirit


Fall Feast - Second coming of Jesus


5. Trumpets - Preaching / Proclaiming

6. Day of Atonement - Blood of Jesus

7. Tabernacles - Humility / remembering where you came from.


Every week of the year!


8.  Sabbaths - 52 times a year the command to rest and find your Joy in Jesus


Macro message is ....... 


1. Trust Jesus for Salvation

2. Trust Jesus to Remove sin from your life

3. Trust Jesus to give you new life

4. Trust Jesus to give you the Holy Spirit


THEN ...


5. Go and proclaim

6. Jesus

7. In humility




8. Celebrate this every Friday 


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and Remember


unless its with God!