Levitcus 27 (One Last Thing)

The last chapter of Leviticus is fitting. It may even be a foreshadow of the last conversation we usually have in our lives also. The conversation about money. There are many philosophies employed by Churches to inform and collect resources needed for the advance of the Gospel. There are some that are downright manipulative and criminal, and then there are others that are on the other end of the spectrum that are just as unhelpful to Believers like never addressing it at all. 

We here at South Shore have chosen a philosophy that we feel can be found in the Scriptures. It would be to preach the GOSPEL loud and often and its saving work, teach the commands that our KING JESUS and to make the needs known to the people as they arise.

Preaching the GOSPEL helps them receive first of the treasury of heaven resulting in grateful hearts.
Teaching the commands of Jesus gives them dignity and respect. It allows them to observe the words of the One who saved them and it gives them space to develop their convictions concerning their responsibilities. 
Making "needs" known to them gives them the opportunity to respond to the Holy Spirit

May God bless you as you listen to this week teaching