Can squirrels be used by God?


If you answered yes you are correct! Take a look at some of the pictures that were shot just the other day around our church then notice what happens in your mind and your heart as you observe their beauty.


The way of God on display is marvelous!


My father and I's  attempt.

              In the spring of 2014 my father and I attempted to plant some sunflowers. We purchased the best seeds, we built them the special box and we provided them the best dirt. Unfortunately it was a disaster, not only where they weak and sickly looking, but they only lasted a couple weeks.


My eight year old daughters attempt

                Meribah Joy my 8 year-old daughter in the fall of 2013 took a handful of birdseed and sowed in our backyard. In the spring, and throughout the summer lasting well into the fall we had the most beautiful sunflowers to enjoy. She taught my father and I a new lesson


God's attempt through a squirrel

Well as you can see from the pictures above this year Jesus continued to teach us his ways. Without any effort on our part, Or any vision in our mind God outdid all of us with the Squirrel


Take away from the story

Let God be God, and when in doubt have childlike faith, and least of all stop trusting your own efforts. You may have for a season in your life, whether it pertains to your marriage, your children, your vocation, your ministry or any other area of life been putting in the best that you have known to give and seen very little flowering from it. Be patient, have childlike faith and trust that God's ways are higher than your ways, that he can accomplish things for your good without your energy. Place your trust in Jesus Christ and allow him to use the squirrels all around you. This will allow you to enjoy the Christian life a little more!